Take the fastest path to process improvements with

SAP Signavio Process Insights

Uncover compelling corrective actions to take and discover industry-leading, AI-driven innovations with a view into your business data

Using the SAP Signavio Process Insights application, installed on the SAP Business Technology platform, G3G can quickly extract and share business data for collaborative analysis.

SAP ERP systems have over 1600 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that often lie dormant for years. G3G can connect to your Productive ERP system and do a once-off extract of these KPIs and then use the business-friendly and intuitive SAP Signavio Process Insights dashboard to collaboratively analyse the KPIs.

Your benefits with SAP Signavio Process Insights
  • Get same-day actionable insights into your SAP processes
    Use automated, advanced process data extraction by quickly connecting to your SAP system and start getting process insights and continuous updates. This gives you a clearer understanding of your business processes end-to-end.
  • Quickly identify where your processes issues are
    Easily identify where your issues really are and narrow your focus by drilling down, even to a single document level such as an invoice. Use benchmarking capabilities to find potential root causes of unmet key performance indicators.
  • Share insights with stakeholders on key performance metrics
    Foster collaboration between decision-makers, business professionals, and IT experts through an intuitive, user-friendly application. Share insights that drive business improvement and transformation.
  • Discover opportunities to improve right away
    Obtain immediate process improvements as the solution provides recommendations and step by step instructions on how to solve the identified inefficiencies. Technology recommendations are also delivered that support you on how to improve your processes.
SAP Signavio Proof of Concept

In the form of a Proof of Concept (POC), G3G leverages the fully functional SAP Signavio Process Insights application installed on the G3G Pay as you Go (PAYG) SAP BTP Platform to quickly provide the insights to action. Provided a few basic SAP ERP pre-requisites are met, the connection between the source SAP ERP system (ECC or SAP S/4HANA) can be established and the KPI Extract can be completed – all in a matter hours.

It then becomes an engagement with the appropriate business process owners to work together with the G3G Team to collaboratively work through the various components of the application. Begin at the start to get an overview of the various recommendations. Proceed then to deep dive into the End-to-End Processes and Lines of Business to uncover recommendations down to a process step level and by performance indicator respectively. The Value Analysis allows for establishing customised potential value expectations based on taking action to achieve selected targets against agreed performance indicators.

This initial POC phase has optional follow-uppPhases that allow for Customer Access to the application and additional extracts.

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