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G3G as your SAP Value-Added Reseller

Joining forces with G3G as your SAP VAR means accessing a wealth of expertise, resources, and support to drive your business growth and foster innovation

What is VAR Enterprise support?
  • We act as agents of SAP and hold the contract to sell licences.
  • We provide Level 1 and Level 2 technical support.
  • We perform maintenance activities on your system.
  • We provide SAP with connectivity to your production system.
Why G3G?​
  • We are a Partner Centre of Expertise (PCOE).
  • We provide a dedicated Client Manager.
  • We only employ highly skilled, industry-experienced consultants.
  • We leverage our partnership with SAP EMEA to request remote services and expedite incident resolution.
G3G Value Add Services​
  • Support engagement plan created at the outset.
  • Quarterly system review to provide recommendations.
  • Quarterly snapshot of your SAP licence position (pre-audit).
  • Execute S/4HANA readiness check and discuss outcomes with you.
Technical Quality Checks
Organise technical quality checks - remote services that can reduce technical risk and outline optimisation potential.
What does G3G bring to the table
Standard Service: Collaboration & Empowerment
  • Advice from Partner’s Enterprise support organisation.
  • Partner support and guidance during mission-critical situations.
  • SAP Community (exchange ideas).
  • Annual Licence audit submission on the client's behalf.
G3G Value Adds
  • Customer Engagement plan – Forward planning of key system activities, better Resource alignment.​
  • Licence Audit + Annual licence usage check and audit review prior to final submission to SAP.​
  • Access to expert licencing advice.​
  • Quarterly VAR Report – Critical recommendations, maintenance phases, licence consumption, inactive users, and support entitlements.​
Standard Service: Innovation & Value Realisation

SAP Solution Manager - inc. all processes, tools, services, and an organisational model to manage SAP and non-SAP solutions throughout the complete application lifecycle. Includes weekly EWAs (Partner SolMan can be used if required).

Technical Quality Checks – remote services, which help to reduce technical risk and outline optimisation potential. At least one per system, per annum from portfolio of 15+ Technical Quality Checks (TQCs) (requested by Partner on your behalf).

Customer Value experience engagement tools –

  • One per annum requested by Partner on client's behalf
  • SAP Innovation and Optimisation Pathfinder
  • Transformation navigator
  • SAP Solution Manager value report.
G3G Value Adds
  • SAP S/4HANA Readiness Assessment.
Standard Service: Mission-critical Support
  • Incident Management backed up by SAP for software faults.
  • SLA between SAP and Partner.
  • Partner Development system available to support issue resolution if required (SAP instituted requirement).
  • 24X7 Production down time support (P1).
  • Access to a global network of support engineers.
G3G Value Adds
  • Early Watch Alert recommendations – Analysis of EWA reports on your behalf and provision of informed recommendations.
Innovation & Value Realisation
SAP Enterprise Support provides a wide range of services and tools to help you realise more business value and to accelerate the adoption of new innovations.​​
Client Value Experience Tools

Realise value opportunities by leveraging available tools focused on innovations and business outcomes. One per annum requested by Partner on your behalf including:

  • SAP Innovation and Optimisation Pathfinder.
  • Transformation navigator.
  • SAP Solution Manager value report.
  • S/4HANA Readiness Assessment.
SAP Solution Manager

Efficiently manage IT and smoothly introduce new functionalities to meet business requirements

Technical Quality Checks

Remote services, which help to reduce your technical risk and outline optimisation potential. At least one per system per annum from portfolio of 15+ Technical Quality Checks (TQCs) (requested by Partner on your behalf)

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