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SAP Business One is the key to unlocking your company's potential. Designed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses, this comprehensive ERP system integrates and streamlines crucial operations, offering real-time insights and fostering agile decision-making. Experience the power of a unified platform that fuels growth, optimises processes, and empowers you to navigate the dynamic landscape of modern business seamlessly

SAP Business One is a robust, scalable solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of your enterprise.

It centralises data, enabling you to manage finances, sales, customer relationships, procurement, inventory, and warehousing, manufacturing, and operations effortlessly. With intuitive analytics, gain actionable insights into your business performance, empowering proactive decision-making. Its user-friendly interface simplifies complex processes, facilitating collaboration across departments and locations. Seamless integration ensures data accuracy and consistency, fostering efficiency and reducing operational costs. From inventory management to streamlined workflows, SAP Business One adapts to your evolving business requirements, ensuring scalability and flexibility as your company grows.

Addressing business challenges Top-performing companies have specific needs and requirements when it comes to implementing business solutions. SAP Business One is an affordable, award-winning product built exclusively for these types of companies. As a complete, integrated software application, SAP Business One eliminates the cost and complexity of integrating multiple stand-alone applications. Its intuitive interface and flexible configuration minimise business process complexities for implementation and ongoing maintenance. 

Benefits of SAP Business One
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    One complete solution: Manage your core business functions, including financials, sales, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory, and operations.

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    We create unique brand identities that look great and propel your business forward.

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    Reduced costs: No more costly upgrades and recurring customisation.

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    Clear, instantaneous insights and alerts: Create up-to-the-minute dashboards and business-critical alerts.

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    Personalised: Improve your employees’ productivity with a role-based user experience, built-in learning, analytics, and collaboration.

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    Support multi-currency transactions: Multi-currency transaction and report capabilities.

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    Real-time planning and functionality.

SAP Business One is a robust, scalable solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of your enterprise.

Today companies have the option to run SAP Business One on the SAP HANA platform. Along with helping to speed up processing times, this enables you to maintain a streamlined business management landscape. It also means that you can take advantage of real-time analytics as well as very fast application performance. You can speed up planning cycles, sales and production processes, and financial transactions while taking advantage of innovative business functionality to enhance the agility and effectiveness of your small business. And by simplifying your reporting landscape, you can reduce your technology ownership costs.

Why invest with G3G?

We pride ourselves on quick, low-risk, timely, and ‘within budget’ implementation giving you a quicker return on your investment. We also offer SAP end-user training for your workforce to utilise the solution. G3G maintains an in-house solution developer team, specialising in SAP Business One extensions. This team has built up vast experience over the lifetime of SAP Business One and is active in the application of new and emerging technologies, crafting mobile applications and facilitating communication between your SAP Business One solution and the latest cloud-based toolsets. Please get in touch to learn more about Business One and G3G.

Customer Base.
SAP Business One had over 70,000 customers globally, spanning various industries and sectors.
Global Reach.
Available in more than 150 countries, indicating its widespread use and international acceptance.
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