Reimagine your User Experience Strategy for success


It is not just about designing a user-friendly interface, it is about crafting a strategy that drives tangible benefits to your business.

Effective UX should hit the middle ground where the needs of the end-user and the business overlap, reducing operational costs and enabling users to work more efficiently.

To achieve this, our approach hinges on a user-centered design methodology, meticulously incorporating user feedback and insights throughout the design process. We analyse user research, craft tailored solutions, and iterate designs to perfection, ensuring optimal user experiences at every turn.

In collaboration with our parent company EPIUSE at SAP’s only AppHaus in Africa, we can assist you with development of a UX strategy for your business, application design services, implementation of standard and custom Fiori applications,  rapid low code development with SAP Build apps (on BTP), an integrated launchpad / portal in SAP BTP for secure internal and external access with SAP Build Workzone, as well as offline mobile applications on Ios and Android that integrate seamlessly with your SAP ERP solutions. 

Embracing a robust UX strategy yields an array of advantages:
  • Improved productivity:
    Accelerate task completion, amplifying user efficiency.
  • Heightened user satisfaction:
    Foster a sense of ownership and satisfaction by involving employees in the design and testing phases.
  • Expanded solution adoption:
    More employees will use the solution, especially casual SAP users who are often put off the system due to the complexity of screens.
  • Trimmed training costs:
    Streamline onboarding by creating simple, intuitive user interfaces (UIs), particularly for companies that rely heavily on contractors and need fast onboarding.
  • Minimised user errors:
    Elevate data quality through reduced user mistakes.
  • Reduced change requests:
    Equip your workforce with the knowledge and skills to improve UX throughout your business.
Elevate your employees’ experience with SAP Fiori

Experience the next level of digital transformation with SAP Fiori, where intelligence, consistency, and integration converge to redefine the way you work.

SAP Fiori is a design system that enables you to create business apps with a consumer-grade user experience, turning casual users into SAP experts with simple screens that run on any device. By using the SAP Fiori design guidelines and tools, you can easily build and customise your own apps that are consistent with what we ship with SAP S/4HANA and our other enterprise software solutions.

Innovate with confidence
The SAP Fiori design system gives you the templates, tools, and guidelines to create beautiful enterprise apps that users will love. By using SAP Fiori, you can help ensure that your app designs are consistent across all devices.
Innovate with confidence
SAP Fiori tools, technologies, and templates can accelerate how you build, test, and deploy enterprise applications using your favourite development framework. With SAP Fiori, you can provide a consistent user experience across your apps.

Enhance efficiency with SAP Screen Personas

SAP Screen Personas software allows you to modify SAP software GUI screens to align transactions with specific user roles. Your users can see the specific information they need to perform their roles effectively and efficiently.

SAP Screen Personas lets you modify the screen for individual user roles so people can be more focused and avoid visual distractions. The software reduces the time and cost of personalizing SAP screens and cuts the time required to train new users.

It can help you to:

  • Simplify User Experience:
    The development interface is of the drag-and-drop kind making it simple to hide fields and tabs that are irrelevant to the user’s function. It also has a powerful scripting engine embedded within that makes it possible streamline tasks by automating repeated keystrokes and combine information from different source screens.
  • Boost Employee Productivity:
    By making SAP software simple to use, people will get unlimited possibilities to deliver new business value with new insight.
  • Drive User Adoption:
    Deliver a personalised experience tailored to individual user preferences, fostering rapid adoption and acceptance of SAP applications for streamlined workflows and task completion.
  • Decrease user errors:
    Enabling a simple, role-based interface and converting open text fields to pull-down menus or radio buttons reduces the risk of data-entry errors. And, with fewer mistakes to correct, you can decrease the significant cost of rework.
  • Save on training costs:
    By enhancing UX intuitiveness, decrease the necessity for extensive staff training, reducing associated costs while accelerating user proficiency and adoption rates.

Unlock Collaborative Potential with SAP Build Work Zone

SAP Build Work Zone revolutionizes the way businesses create and manage business sites, offering centralized access to critical application information across all devices. 

It can help you to:

Quickly build business sites
Effortlessly design and personalise business sites with drag-and-drop simplicity. Whether you are creating project portals, knowledge bases, or team collaboration hubs, SAP Build Work Zone provides the tools you need to quickly build and customise sites to meet your business's unique requirements.
Connect enterprise applications with ease
Bridge the gap between SAP and non-SAP solutions with seamless integrations and pre-built connectors. SAP Build Work Zone simplifies the process of connecting disparate systems, ensuring smooth data flow and enhancing interoperability across your enterprise ecosystem.
Work together smarter
Maximize team productivity and collaboration with guided experiences and knowledge-sharing capabilities. With SAP Build Work Zone, teams can collaborate in real time, share insights, and access relevant information, driving innovation and efficiency across projects and initiatives.

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Experience the transformative power of a well-defined UX strategy — where user-centricity fuels operational excellence and drives sustainable growth.