Enhancing Vendor Reconciliation in SAP

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Discover how BEST bridged the gap in SAP with their innovative solution for Vendor Reconciliation.

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual reconciliations in Excel and non-SAP third-party solutions. Discover how you can reconcile directly within SAP, accessing real-time data for enhanced efficiency. Gain insights into online approvals, automated controls, and real-time management reporting to ensure standardisation and consistency throughout your reconciliation process. Watch the recording and  don't miss this opportunity to enhance your existing SAP investment and optimise your vendor reconciliation workflow.

Join Michael Webb from G3G and Suresan Ellary from BEST as they discuss the innovative BEST Vendor Recons Module, revolutionising SAP Vendor Reconciliation.


Michael Webb

Michael Webb

With over 18+ years of experience in ERP and Business Management Software across multiple industries, Michael is an accomplished professional. He'll provide valuable insights into enhancing your SAP investment and functionality.


Suresan Ellary

As the BEST Vendor Recons Product Manager and a company Director, Suresan brings 12 years of experience in financial excellence to the table. He'll share insights into the development journey of the BEST Vendor Recons module and how businesses are benefiting from its functionality.

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